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In order to help Family and Friends stay in contact with their loved ones the Polk County Sheriff’s Office has added Video Visitation and Messaging to the Polk County Jail through their current inmate phone provider NCIC Inmate Communications.  Through this system family and friends can set up accounts at and schedule video visits with their loved one that is in the Polk County Jail.  Through this same account friends and families can send messages and pictures to inmates as well. 


Video Visits and Messages are monitored and recorded with a cost of $0.30 a minute for video visits and $0.25 a message.  Family and Friends can send pictures to inmates for $0.35 a picture.  All pictures will be quarantined and checked for violation of jail rules before being approved for the inmate to view.  Anything that violates jail rules through video visits, messaging or pictures will result in the suspension of visits and/or messaging for the family and friend and/or inmate.  Friends and Families can use the same account as their inmate phone account to fund the video visits and messaging.


If you have any questions or need assistance you can visit or call 1-800-943-2189. Please do not contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office or Jail in reference to this, you will need to contact NCIC directly for information.

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