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                                                                        Making and Receiving Inmate Phone Calls

Receiving Calls

Inmates cannot receive calls while incarcerated in the facility. 

Placing Collect Calls 

Inmates can place collect calls to phone numbers where collect calling is not restricted. This is the most common method of placing calls from the facility. However, there are some situations where collect calls are restricted? e.g.

  • The phone number has reached its credit limit for collect calls.

  • The owner of the phone has requested no collect calls be permitted to their number.

  • The phone number is assigned to a cellular phone or pager.

  • The phone company of the called party has restricted collect calls.



  • Inmate dials phone number

  • System determines if the called number is able to receive collect calls and places or rejects the call

  • Called party must positively accept the call by following the automated instructions

Advanced Pay Calls 

Advanced Pay accounts are set up by the called party allowing them to receive calls even if their number is collect call restricted. Advanced Pay accounts also permit the called party to better manage their monthly call budget. 


  • The called party may contact Infinity Networks at 1-866-681-2948 to obtain instructions on how to establish an Advanced Pay Account.

  • The inmate dials the number.

  • The system determines if an Advanced Pay account exists and if so, places the call.

  • The called party must still positively accept the call by following the automated instructions.

  • The cost of the call is deducted from the Advanced Pay account balance.  

Facility Rules

  • Calls may be recorded and/or monitored.

  • An attempt to? call transfer? or? 3-way conference? during the call will cause the call to be disconnected.

  • Calls to some phone numbers may be restricted by the facility for security reasons.

To prevent unauthorized inmate collect call charges to your phone bill, do not attempt to ? conference? in another number; do not call forward your phone. If you feel you have been a victim of fraudulent Inmate collect call charges, CALL YOU LOCAL TELEPHONE SERVICE PROVIDER.

Why Won't My Call Go Through?

Collect calls from telephones inside this correctional facility may be blocked in certain situations. See below for some typical examples of these situations. 

The phone company serving the person you are calling has restricted collect calls. Some phone companies allow their customers to receive only certain dollar amount of collect calls and some allow no collect calls at all. 

What You Should Do
The called party should call their phone company for information on their collect call policies. Also, the called party can contact Infinity Networks at 1-866-681-2948

The phone number has reached its credit limit for collect calls from this correctional facility. 

What You Should Do
In some cases, credit limits are placed on the volume of collect calls that may be made to a specific number; for example $75 a week. The called party should receive a warning message when they are nearing their limit, which should give them a 1-800 number to call for information on how to pay the balance and bring their account below the limit. They can also call Infinity Networks at 1-866-681-2948. 

The owner of the phone has requested that no collect calls be permitted to their number. 

What You Should Do 
The owner of the phone can call their phone company to have the restriction removed. 

Collect calls to cellular phones and pagers are not allowed. 

What You Should Do
Call your party on a ? land line? such as their home or office phone number. 

The phone number is restricted by the calling system

What You Should Do 
Calls to certain numbers are restricted by the correctional facility. These restrictions cannot be bypassed. 

Fraudulent Inmate Phone Calls / Scams

If you receive a telephone call originating from the Polk County Jail, from an unknown caller, who requests you call a number for him/her preceded by *72 please hang up immediately! While the caller may seem genuine and may even say something to the effect of, ?Please help, Ive been arrested for traffic tickets. I was supposed to pick up my children from school, this was my only phone call and I dialed the wrong number. Please dial *72 XXX-XXX-XXXX for me so I can Check on my children. This is a common call forwarding scam. If you allow this procedure, your phone will be call forwarded to the number provided by the inmate. All future calls to your telephone number will bypass your phone and ring at the number you entered after dialing *72. The inmate will now continue to dial your number but your phone will not ring. All inmate collect calls, accepted by the person at the other number, will be charged to you. 

What You Should Do 

  • Immediately dial *72 to cancel call forwarding.

  • Contact your telephone service provider and report the fraud to them.

  • If you desire, contact Infinity Networks at 1-866-681-2948 having all calls from the Polk County Jail blocked. 

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