Polk County Sheriff's Office
1733 N. Washington Ave. Livingston, TX 77351 p. 936-327-6810 / f. 936-327-6877

For more information on the Texas Vine System please contact Detective Christi Allen at 936-329-9025 or callen@polkcountyso.net


 For information on Crime Victims Rights contact the Polk County District Attorney's Office at 936-327-6868 or click on link above.

The Polk County Investigation Division is staffed with 1-Captain, 1-Lieutenant, and 5-detectives. The investigation division is responsible for performing all follow up investigations requiring their special training and expertise. The investigators obtain and serve arrest and search warrants; interview suspects, witnesses and victims, conduct sexual and child abuse investigations, and collect evidence for court room presentation.

Capt. Rickie Childers
936-329-9026 or email: rchilders@polkcountyso.net

Lt. Craig Finegan
936-329-9028 or email: cfinegan@polkcountyso.net

Detective David Mitchell
936-329-9027 or email: dmitchell@polkcountyso.net

Detective Christi Allen
936-329-9025 or email: callen@polkcountyso.net

Detective Lee Rogers
936-329-9024 or email: lrogers@polkcountyso.net

Detective Dave Sottosanti
936-329-9029 or email: dsottosanti@polkcountyso.net

Detective Jacob Chapman

Evidence and Crime Scene
936-327-6810 or email: jchapman@polkcountyso.net


Due to the increase in drug possession, drug manufacturing and drug trafficking in our county, the Polk County Sheriff's Office formed a Narcotics Division. The purpose of the Narcotics Division is to investigate the manufacturing, possession and trafficking of illegal narcotics and contraband. the Polk county Narcotics Division is made up of four investigators and three canines. 

Lt. Andy Lowrie 
936-329-9011 or email: alowrie@polkcountyso.net

Detective Christian Schanmier
936-329-9010 or email: 

Detective Jacob Hopper
936-329-9009 or email: jhopper@polkcountyso.net

For more information about the Polk County Crime Stoppers contact Det. Jacob Chapman at 936-329-9040 or jchapman@polkcountyso.net

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